Emergency Information

What should you do if weather or emergencies change school or bus schedules?

Refer to the Snow Routes or Flood Routes tab for bus route information.

How can I get notified right away? 

The District uses the Flash Alert System for Emergency Notifications. Sign up to receive emergency notifications

Flash Alert allows parents, students, staff & community members to receive immediate notification regarding emergency announcements and school closures/delays at the SAME TIME as the radio and television stations. To receive your emergency notification by email or text, register at the link posted above by entering your email and clicking "subscribe."

  • If "School Closed ": all schools are closed. School-related programs and the use of school buildings are canceled.

  • If "two hours late": all schools start two hours late, but end at the regular time. There will be no morning preschool.

  • If "limited bus transportation": all schools are open, but the regular bus routes need altering. These altering events could include snow, ice, flood, power outage, etc. Parents should drop off/pick up their students at their designated pick-up location or directly at the school.